Real Estate & Business Consulting Services for Family Office or High Net Worth Private Investors

Are you in need of High Value-Add Consulting Services for a Family Office or High Net Worth Private Investor? We've been in this business a long time, and understand the challenges commercial real estate and business can present. If you recognize anything below, please reach out to us, we can setup a quick call and figure out how to handle your needs.

  • Are you individual investor or in a partnership with family members/investors; and need neutral arbitrator? 
  • Would you like to lower your overhead by outsourcing with our Commercial Real Estate Specialists?
  • We can save you money by providing CFO functions ie. a full evaluation and assessment of all your commercial real estate assets and business operations.
  • Depending on the project, on average, we can add $1,000,000 to your bottom line by reducing expenses and increasing revenue.
  • Need Asset Management or Project Management Services - We Assist on “as-needed” basis with 3rd party process – Attorney, Accountant, Contractor, Leasing/Investment Sales Brokers, and other 3rd party consultants to the extent we can manage these processes and limit your time to decision making versus minutia, you are freed up to be more time efficient.
  • Acquisition or Disposition Services

It would be hard to imagine a real estate or business scenario we haven't seen, with 50 years of combined experience, let us help you traverse the complex world of commercial real estate and business. Looking forward to discussing your needs, please contact us using the information below

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Asset Management
Case Studies

$1,400,000 valuation increase due to multi-tenant office building due to a successful property tax appeal

  • Successfully made the case for a decrease in annual property taxes of $85,000
  • At a 6% cap rate the valuation increase was approximately $1.4M
  • The rationale was due to a complicated and expensive environmental issue with a very large, but quantifiable clean-up cost. We supplied the decision makers the necessary back-up documentation to validate the scope and cost.
  • The Tax Assessor agreed with our calculation to lower property value dollar for dollar with the cleanup cost, which resulted in the $85,000 annual decrease going forward

Significant Increase in Cash Flow after Audit and thorough evaluation of individual properties and portfolios for multiple property owners was able to realize substantial saving and/or cash infusions due to:

  • $1,700,000 – Our client received this credit as a result of Buy/Sell Trigger by their Partner who wished to unwind a very complicated Partnership. Upon our review of the Operating Agreement, we found that their Partner had made an error in calculating the appropriate Buy/Sell amount and that resulted in a purchase price that our Client accepted that was $1.7M higher than was initially offered.
  • $250,000 – Our Client received this additional payment as a result of Buy/Sell Audit
  • $50,000 – We uncovered an error in the proration calculation on sale of an asset. Our client was the buyer, and even though the transaction had closed, we were able to get our client the full $50,000.
  • $65,000 – We uncovered an error when auditing swap payment calculations for a loan that our client had with a bank requiring a Libor Swap Agreement to fix the loan payments. After reviewing all of the statements we found a substantial error was made and we helped our client get a refund of $65,000.
  • $150,000 – reimbursed to Client after tenant vacated premises at end of lease. After thorough review of all lease documents, we were able to get this reimbursement paid upon exit.

Negotiated substantial discounts and fee reductions for multiple borrower with multiple lenders as a result of our high level network of contacts at many lending institutions. We know how to present and ask the right people to get the right answers.

  • $2,500,000 discount negotiated on a note purchase by borrower on a retail center
  • $250,000 discount negotiated on a note purchase by borrower for a land parcel
  • $300,000 in prepayment penalty waved in refinance of a vacant office building
  • $30,000 prepayment penalty waved on sale of office building

$2,200,000 Direct Cost Savings by Successfully Resolving Extremely Complicated Environmental Contamination Issue on a Commercial Property that could have caused a Total Loss to our Client.

  • During a refinance, the lender’s environmental consultant recommended a Phase 2, which identified a major contaminant. The original Phase 1 consultant missed it, but had since gone out of business so our Client had to accept responsibility for the clean-up, which was substantial.
  • Fortunately, the contamination was traced back to multiple aerospace companies 50+ years prior that still exist and have deep pockets. A fixed cost settlement was reached and our client only had a small portion of the responsibility. We were not involved in putting this agreement together.
  • Our Client brought us in when the Fixed Cost Vendor could not perform. We managed the process of finding a new vendor with better financials at a $2M reduced cost, and avoiding $200,000 in additional legal fees associated with putting the agreement back together. The process, while incredibly complicated, gave us unique insights on how to handle the most complicated issues.